Who We Are


About Rhics IT Management Consultancy

Welcome to Rhics, an international IT management consultancy headquartered in London, UK, with a global presence across three continents. Our extensive range of services encompasses digital strategy, cybersecurity, software engineering, human capital development, and comprehensive IT consultancy solutions.

Distinguished by a proven track record of propelling success for multinational organisations, we transcend conventional digital services. Our core focus revolves around meticulously defining your objectives, formulating effective strategies, constructing secure, user-friendly applications, and conceiving award-winning systems that adeptly convey your desired message.

The synergy of talent, passion, and discipline drives us to consistently deliver exceptional results.

At Rhics, we recognise the paramount importance of transparency and operational efficiency. Our competitive pricing model ensures that projects are not only executed within budget constraints but also adherent to deadlines. This commitment fosters genuine client-to-project transparency and streamlines workflows seamlessly from concept to execution.


Our Vision


To emerge as the preeminent international full-service IT management consultancy, offering personalised value propositions across digital strategy, cyber security, human capital development, IT consultancy, design and engineering services.


Our Mission


Centres around unwaveringly dedication to delivering excellence, underpinned by our profound knowledge of interactive best practices, a meticulously structured proven process, and an unwavering commitment to quality assurance.

Select Rhics as your strategic partner in realising your IT management objectives. Together, we will unlock the full potential of your business, driving unparalleled success in the dynamic landscape of the digital era.


The Team

Christian Junior  |  CEO

Mr. Christian Junior is a visionary leader at the helm of Rhics Ltd. With over 20 years of extensive experience in the tech industry, Christian possesses a profound understanding of IT. His exceptional leadership has been instrumental in spearheading over 300 successful projects spanning diverse domains, including digital strategy, cybersecurity risk management, marketing, and software engineering. His expertise extends beyond traditional boundaries, encompassing digital transformation and financial technology, underscored by double certifications from Oxford University. Recognised for his outstanding contributions, Christian has earned a coveted place on the Financial Times’ prestigious list of the UK’s top 100 influential BAME tech leaders.

Mark Dang   |  CTO

Mark Dang is a seasoned technology leader with a multifaceted background encompassing software development, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and strategic business management. With over a decade of experience across diverse industries and global markets, Mark has established himself as a visionary innovator and a results-driven executive. Mark holds a Master’s in Management from the prestigious London Business School, complemented by a Master of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Cambridge University UK and recognition as a Gold Medalist in the British Mathematics Olympiad. Mark’s academic prowess, combined with his practical experience, forms a strong foundation for his leadership in the technology domain.

Obinna Ebikam CISSP   |   CSO – Head of Cybersecurity

Obinna Ebikam is a distinguished cybersecurity professional renowned for his expertise in cybersecurity consulting, cloud infrastructure security, incident response, and cloud engineering. Serving as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) at Rhics, Obinna is committed to delivering unparalleled consulting services to clients across diverse industries, particularly in the healthcare and fintech sectors. Obinna boasts a commendable track record in incident response and remediation, conducting comprehensive security assessments, and ensuring regulatory compliance with standards like ISO 27001, NIST, and HIPAA. He excels in conducting risk assessments and devising risk management strategies to mitigate security threats effectively.

Dr. Marilyn Nwaigwe  |  Global Talent Manager

Dr. Marilyn Nwaigwe is a dedicated Global Talent Manager with a wealth of experience in talent acquisition, HR administration, and strategic workforce planning. Armed with a strong educational background, diverse professional experience, and a passion for personal growth, Marilyn is poised to drive organisational success and cultivate a culture of excellence at Rhics Ltd. With a strong foundation in international human resource management and extensive experience across various industries, Marilyn possesses a unique blend of leadership, communication, and organisational skills. Marilyn holds a Ph.D. in Human Resources from Hull University, where she earned accolades for her research in Talent Management within SMEs in emerging economies. Her academic journey also includes a Master’s in International Human Resource Management from the University of Bedfordshire

Dwayne McMillan  |  Senior Enterprise Software Architect

Dwayne McMillan is a results-driven Senior Enterprise Software Architect with a strong background in technology and finance. Dwayne’s ability to blend technical expertise with financial insight makes him a valuable asset to Rhics, where he plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and delivering impactful solutions that drive business success. Dwayne holds a Master of Science with Merit in Financial Management from Middlesex University London, reflecting his commitment to blending technology with finance. Dwayne also holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Andrews University Michigan, USA, providing him with a strong technical foundation.

Victor Samuel  |  Digital Strategy Consultant & Head of Operations

Victor Samuel is a seasoned professional serving as the Head of Operations at Rhics Ltd. With more than a decade of hands-on experience in the IT industry, Victor possesses a comprehensive skill set that spans a spectrum of domains, including digital strategy, marketing, software engineering, web design, cybersecurity, and content creation. His diverse expertise and holistic understanding of the business landscape make him a linchpin in Rhics’ operational framework.
Having navigated various roles and responsibilities throughout his career, Victor brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to his current role. His adeptness in aligning strategic objectives with operational execution has been instrumental in driving organisational efficiency and effectiveness. As Head of Operations, Victor is entrusted with the task of ensuring seamless coordination across all functional units, thereby optimising workflow and maximising productivity.

Kingsley Onuoha  |  Head of Design

Kingsley Onuoha is an accomplished design strategist serving as the Head of Design at Rhics Ltd. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over a decade, Kingsley brings a wealth of expertise in various design disciplines, including UI/UX, graphic design, enterprise architecture design, and web design. His multifaceted skill set and creative flair have positioned him as a driving force in the design landscape. As Head of Design at Rhics Ltd, Kingsley plays a pivotal role in leading design initiatives and shaping the overall design strategy. His collaborative approach fosters cross-functional synergy, ensuring alignment between design objectives and business goals. With a focus on user experience and aesthetic excellence, Kingsley spearheads projects that elevate brand perception and deliver tangible results.