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About The Future of Business

This Virtual Seminar organised by Rhics UK focuses on empowering organisations with new strategies and models to enable them create more value, remain relevant, competitive and profitable in 2021.

Like it or not, the pandemic has re-shaped the way organisations operate and the way consumers interact with businesses forever. From customer engagement to sales, customer acquisition, brand awareness, service delivery, digital technology has become more relevant than ever before.

It is important that organisations empower their workforce with relevant skills to lead effectively in these uncertain times.

The Future of Business Seminar will enlighten participants to the latest digital trends, innovation and strategies for success in 2021 and beyond.

Objectives of the Course:

  • Improved Competitive Advantage & Entry into new markets: Digital platforms provide level playing grounds for businesses as the cost of participation is relatively low. You will learn how to leverage digital platforms to grow your business and open up new markets by reaching a wider target audience outside your geographic area.

  • Improved customer services & engagement: Technology offers effective marketing, analytic and engagement tools that make your business customer-centric. You will learn how to provide real-time service delivery and improve customer loyalty through Active engagement.

  • Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty: You will learn how to connect with customers at each touchpoint of their buying journey, making it easier to find your products and services. Learn how to increase top of mind brand awareness, customer retention and brand loyalty. Loyalists will always spread the word, thus increasing conversions.


  • Increased Revenue, Reduced Costs: Digital strategies deliver a higher ROI by generating higher conversion rates in relation to initial costs. You will learn how to develop and implement digital strategies that will significantly improve your revenue and productivity whilst reducing operational costs.

  • Knowledge Acquisition & Breakout Sessions: Learn practical techniques from seasoned professionals and fellow delegates as they guide, inform and inspire you; sharing from their vast industry experience.

Subjects covered

  • Introduction to Digital Transformation
  • Leadership in a Dynamic & Uncertain Landscape
  • Disruptive Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Value Creation through Technology
  • Blockchain for Business
  • Hyper-connectivity: Understanding Customer Networks
  • 5 small ways to implement “Big” Emerging Technologies
  • Managing the Risks of Digitisation
  • The Future of Money
  • 5G – Supercharging the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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