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A Practical Digital Marketing Training Masterclass

  • A practical workshop designed to give you all the skills, tools and frameworks you need to run successful digital campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube Google Adwords, SnapChat, TikTok etc.
  • The practical webinar organised by Rhics UK empowers individuals with new skills and models required to create more value on digital platforms; helping businesses remain relevant, competitive and profitable.

  • The webinar will highlight the key trends in the industry and provide frameworks for marketers to develop effective strategies for sustainable growth.

  • Learn some of our tried and tested digital marketing trade secrets, acquire the technical know-how needed to successfully manage digital marketing campaigns.

  • We have trained over 1,000 marketing professionals around the world. We will teach you the same strategies we have used to grow over 300 businesses online.
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Training Benefits

  • Increased Revenue, Reduced Costs: Digital strategies deliver a higher ROI than other traditional forms of marketing and/or advertising, mainly by generating higher conversion rates in relation to initial costs. You will learn how to develop and implement digital strategies that will significantly improve your revenue and reduce operational costs.
  • Improved Real-time Customer Services: Through daily active engagement, organisations can respond quickly to customer requirements. You will learn how to analyse data and gain valuable insights that aid smarter business decisions through social listening,
  • Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty: You will learn how to connect with customers at each touchpoint, making it easier to find your products and services. Learn how to increase top of mind brand awareness, customer retention and brand loyalty.
  • Improved Competitive Advantage: Digital marketing, Search Engines & Social media all provide level playing grounds for businesses as the cost of participation is relatively low. It keeps you at par with rivals, allowing for keen competition. Learn how to leverage tech for business growth.

Hear from Previous Participants

Stefan Sealy 

Cathedral Credit Union

The training was very comprehensive and allowed me to learn alot of information that I will use at my organization. The presenter made it very clear and interactive.

Hayden Ferreira

Venture Credit Union

From a Director’s perspective, it provided a basis of understanding to support IT/Marketing initiatives with good balance between technical context and relatable real life applications.

Retesha Smith Boyd

Grenada Union of Teachers Co-operative Credit Union

Training objectives exceeded my expectations. programme will enable us to assess where we are now and develop a plan to deliver value