As you got into work today did you sit down and think: What am I doing here?  What value am I creating for people? How are my actions today aligned to the overall business goals?

When you think about it, everything comes down to value creation for customers. Here are some reasons why.

  • Dynamic value propositions set you apart from your competitors by offering more value to the customer at the same price. You get more customers and increased revenue as a result.
  • Improved customer services will turn consumers into active brand advocates, promoting your business through word-of-mouth referral on digital platforms. This breeds trust, improves brand credibility which in turn leads to new customer acquisition and increased revenue.
  • Delivering value to consumers at each touchpoint (search engine, social media, face-to-face) of their buying journey makes your brand more visible, relevant and convenient to your customers.
  • Understanding that almost ALL of your customers are technology users and hyper-connected in some way is the key to leveraging technology in creating value that leads to increased revenue, improved brand awareness and customer acquisition.

How do you create value for people?

Through a Customer-Centric Digital Transformation Strategy.

Digital transformation involves the integration of digital technology into all areas of an organisation, which fundamentally changes how the organisation operates and how it delivers value to customers.

There are several reasons that organisations embark on a digital transformation, but for most it is a matter of staying abreast of the competition and catering to the modern consumer’s needs. In today’s hyperconnected world where technological disruption is unprecedented, digital transformation should be focused on generating new value, creating new opportunities and efficiencies, and driving new growth (Deloitte, 2016).

How do you get started with Digital Transformation?

  • Think about people first, not technology
  • Identify clear objectives for the digital transformation
  • Align value creation initiatives to overall business objectives
  • Explore existing capabilities and technologies
  • Compare the current state to the desired outcomes
  • Address the gaps between current state and desired outcome

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