Data Transfer Security Policy for Rhics Ltd



Rhics Ltd is committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of personal data during all transfer processes, whether these occur internally within the organisation or externally with third parties. This policy sets out the measures and procedures we employ to protect personal data against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction during transfer.

Policy Objective

To provide a secure framework for the transfer of personal data within and outside Rhics Ltd, ensuring compliance with applicable data protection laws and maintaining the trust of our clients, employees, and partners.


This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and third-party service providers of Rhics Ltd who may have access to personal data processed by the organisation.

Data Transfer Methods

Internal Transfers

  • Encryption: All internal data transfers within Rhics Ltd’s network, including those between different departments and offices, must use encrypted connections (e.g., VPNs, SSL/TLS).
  • Access Controls: Access to transferred data is restricted based on the principle of least privilege. Only authorized personnel with a legitimate business need can access the data.
  • Audit Trails: Systems are in place to log and monitor data access and movement within the organization to detect and respond to inappropriate access or data breaches.

External Transfers

  • Data Sharing Agreements: Before any personal data is transferred to third parties, Rhics Ltd ensures that all recipients have data protection standards that comply with our policy and relevant laws. This is secured through formal agreements that stipulate the confidentiality, integrity, and availability standards required.
  • Secure Transmission Methods: External transfers of personal data must be conducted over secure channels. For electronic transfers, this includes the use of end-to-end encryption (e.g., HTTPS, SFTP). For physical transfers, secure couriers and encrypted storage devices are used.
  • Data Minimization: Only the minimum necessary amount of personal data required to fulfill the intended purpose is transferred.

Compliance with International Data Transfer Regulations

  • Adequacy Decisions and Frameworks: When transferring personal data outside the EEA, Rhics Ltd ensures the destination country has an adequacy decision from the European Commission, or we use appropriate safeguards such as Standard Contractual Clauses or binding corporate rules.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments: For transfers that might result in high risk to individuals’ rights and freedoms, a Data Protection Impact Assessment is conducted prior to the transfer.
  • Regular Review: The legal and compliance team regularly reviews the laws and regulations applicable to international data transfers to ensure ongoing compliance.

Incident Management

  • Breach Notification: In the event of a data breach involving transferred personal data, Rhics Ltd follows its Data Breach Response and Notification Procedure, which includes notifying affected individuals and regulatory authorities as required by law.

Training and Awareness

  • Employee Training: All employees involved in the handling of personal data are required to complete training on this Data Transfer Security Policy and the safe handling of data. This training is provided upon induction and annually thereafter.
  • Continuous Improvement: Rhics Ltd regularly updates training materials to reflect new regulatory requirements and best practices.

Monitoring and Review

  • Audits: Regular audits are conducted to ensure compliance with this policy. These audits review both the adequacy of the procedures and their implementation.
  • Policy Review: This policy is reviewed annually or following significant changes to business practices or relevant laws to ensure its effectiveness and compliance.