The internet, once hailed as the ultimate invention for communication and borderless business transactions is increasingly becoming a hotbed for bad players as digital platforms become entwined in every part of our daily lives.

With over 5 billion people connected and interacting online daily, the world is now heavily reliant on technology as more devices are connected online, more businesses now rely on technology like never before to deliver their services to consumers in a post-pandemic era.

In today’s data-driven, highly distributed world, companies use digital tools to undertake the very basic of business tasks, to advertise and sell, find new markets, customers, and staff, communicate with customers and suppliers, process financial transactions, amongst others.

It is clear that the Internet brings huge business opportunities and benefits.

This over-reliance on technology means that digital platforms accumulate a lot of sensitive data about us, our transactions, customers, payments, intellectual property amongst others.

There is a great need to manage the risks associated with the collection, analysis, processing, and safe storage of these data and digital platforms in general.

This course provides a clear understanding of the risks associated with utilizing digital platforms to senior managers, board members, C-Suite executives, and other decision-makers. It also provides frameworks on how to successfully manage digital risks.

Who Should Attend:

The course is suitable for C-Suite executives, senior managers, board of directors, managing directors, heads of departments, entrepreneurs, and business leaders wanting to gain strategic insight and knowledge to create new ventures or develop risk management strategies.

It is essential for all organizations, of all sizes, and in all sectors. The course is ideal for any individual who desires to understand the latest cyber threats to digital platforms and the steps towards implementing a successful risk management regime.

Credit Unions, banks & financial services, companies in the private sector, entrepreneurs, business owners, SMEs, non-IT professionals, universities, charities, government agencies, and public sector organizations are all encouraged to attend.


Learning Outcome

Participants will gain first-rate taught and practical experiences from industry leading trainers through lectures, workshops, DIY sessions & real-time case studies.

Specifically, participants will gain knowledge on 4 key aspects:

  • Understanding Emerging cybersecurity threats to digital platforms, how it affects businesses and why you should care;
  • The possible impacts of cyberattacks on you, your organization, employees, and customers.
  • Creating a Risk Management Regime: Preventing & Dealing with Cyberattacks
  • Creating a comprehensive risk assessment and policy documentations

“Over 80% of Cyber threats can be eliminated with adequate training, robust risk management regime, and comprehensive security policies and procedures.”

The Syllabus


Introduction to Emerging Technologies & Cyber Security

  • Understand the latest technology innovations and the risks they pose
  • Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Voice Technology, Biometric identification & authentication, Artificial Intelligence, eKYC & ID Verification, Internet of Things, 5G, ID2020, Virtual Reality, Mobile payments.
  • Learn the key terminologies and concepts of cybersecurity;

The Risks of Digitisation: Understanding & Mitigating Cyber Threats

  • Identity the latest threats to digital platforms and your organisation as a whole.
  • Identify and distinguish threat actors and their motivations.
  • Digital Automation best practices: Onboarding, KYC, Account management

Data & Information Security

  • Information security risk management framework and methodologies
  • Identifying and modelling information security risks
  • Multi-factor authentication & User Access Management
  • Security Governance & Assurance

Risk Management Regime: Framework, policies & procedures

  • Fundamentals of Risk
  • Qualitative and quantitative risk assessment methods
  • Understanding risk management frameworks
  • Choosing & implementing risk management frameworks

Core Banking, FinTech & Payments Platforms

  • Introduction to Open Banking
  • Choosing the right core banking software vendor
  • Secure payment platform design
  • Automated AML & KYC controls
  • Ethical Hacking & Penetration testing
  • Emerging patterns of financial fraud

The Focus on Human Capital Development

  • Business Email Compromise
  • Implementing an Organisation-wide Training Policy

A Framework for Regulatory Compliance

  • Creating compliance-ready policy documents & procedures

Cyber Security Economics

  • Unveiling the true costs of cybercrime
  • Measuring The Monetary Value of Your Risk Management Regime
  • Sound understanding of the economics of cybersecurity


  • The need and role of the CISO

Artificial Intelligence, Privacy & Ethics

  • Privacy, ethical and cybersecurity issues affecting AI.
  • Facial Recognition; purposes and impact of global networked surveillance technologies

Return on Investment

  • Improved Reputation

    Good cybersecurity strategies can promote customer trust, enhance the reputation of a business and open up new commercial opportunities.

  • Improved Competitive Advantage

    Gain competitive advantage by planning ahead for all possible scenarios to ensure your business can withstand or recover from any cyber attack. Good security can be an enabler for a thriving business: you will be protecting your assets, your reputation, your customers, and your peace of mind.

  • Reduced costs

    The world lost $945bn to Cybercrime in 2020. Businesses can save money by adopting an efficient risk management “preventive” approach – plan, implement and review rather than a more expensive “reactive” approach in the aftermath of an attack.

Course Dates:

25th January – 9th February 2022

Tuesdays & Thursdays

12.30pm – 3.30pm ET / 5.30pm – 8.30pm GMT


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Course Details

Dates & Times:

25th January – 9th February 2021

Tuesdays & Thursdays

12.30pm – 3.30pm ET / 5.30pm – 8.30pm GMT


Course Fees:

$399 (Early bird until 5th of January, 2022)

$549 (Standard)

Training Details:

$399 – Earlybird Registration ( Ends  on the 5th January 2022)

$549 USD: Standard Registration


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    About The Facilitator

    Mr. Christian Junior is an award-winning international speaker and trainer who is passionate about human capital development and value creation through technology. He is the Founder & CEO of RHICS, an international Digital Agency headquartered in London, UK. He has over 10 years of practical experience in the Information & Communication Technology industry.

    Christian, a double Oxford university certified Digital & Fintech strategist has consulted for multiple international clientele on various IT projects.

    A firm believer in knowledge & skills transfer, Christian, travels around the world educating business leaders on cost-effective IT strategies for achieving excellent customer service, brand awareness, maximum productivity and profitability. He has trained and influenced over 1,000 business owners across 10 countries in Europe, Africa & The Caribbean.

    Christian has led conversations on Credit Union value creation through technology at The World Council of Credit Union & The Caribbean Confederation of Credit Union Conventions.

    He was recently featured in the Financial Times 2019 list of UK’s 100 most influential Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) leaders in tech.

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    Rhics is a creative digital agency headquartered in London, UK with branches across 4 continents. We specialize in Digital Strategy, IT Consultancy, Cyber Risk Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Mobile & Web Application Development, Design & Branding.

    We have a proven history of creating online success for global organizations via our suite of services offerings. We help define your goals, create effective strategies, build easy-to-use applications, and design award-winning systems that communicate the desired message.

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