The examples used were useful and eye-opening. I plan to review what our systems have now and make training a yearly event for this topic.

Louis CharlesMt Pleasant Credit Union

It was very detailed and has caused me to think of ways our entity can improve our cyber resilience mechanisms, the aim of the programme was explained at the beginning and reinforced throughout the presentation

Nyasha BrowneSt. Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority

This program exceeds what I expect. The facilitator is very informative and knowledgeable. I will be reviewing what I have learned and compare to our current setup

Keson BaptisteKCCU

The information was very insightful. scenarios were very real and relevant to today’s business operating environment. I intend to use the knowledge to improve IT and Operational Risk Management across my organisation

Wray PalmerJamaica Police Cooperative Credit Union Limited

The presentation was clear and easy to understand. The facilitator used real-life examples and even highlight current attacks that can and will affect us. I will be conducting an audit to ensure that our organizational practices are in line with the training and will assist in putting together a training for staff

Janelle SealesSVG Teachers Co-operative Credit Union LTD