Thanks for a great session!

Sherry Mc MillanCathedral Credit Union

Thank you very much for sharing your heart on this subject. We needed to know all you shared.

Maidlyn ThornhillFamily Co-op Credit Union Limited

Thank you it was very informative it brought great value to me the whole session

Trudy LayneBarbados Teachers' Co-operative Credit Union

I particularly liked the idea of not investing in brick-and-mortar structures but in digital platforms

Keith MatthewsHand Arnold Credit Union

Great Session Today Thank you! One Thing: We must disseminate value on Social Media!

Camille Taylor-FrancoisInsurance Industry Credit Union

Excellent session, and very informative.

Michelle HusbandsBWU Co-operative Credit Union

Very informative re: focus on providing products & services for younger persons being included in co-operatives to ensure succession & continuity. a well-appreciated session.

Marina PierreCipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies

Customization of products and services based on members’ demographics is extremely important

Sandra HuceyJamaica Co-operative Credit Union

Thank you!!!! It was very insightful

Cindy JamesJannou Credit Union