Jamaica Police Cooperative Credit Union Limited

Case Study: Strengthening Risk Management at Jamaica Police Cooperative Credit Union Limited through Strategic Training by Rhics

Client Background

Jamaica Police Cooperative Credit Union Limited (JPCCUL), a cornerstone of financial services in Jamaica, recognized the growing importance of robust risk management practices in an ever-evolving financial landscape. To fortify their risk management framework and empower their team with contemporary skills, JPCCUL engaged Rhics, a leading management consultancy company specializing in strategic business solutions.


JPCCUL faced challenges in navigating the complexities of modern risk management, exacerbated by the dynamic financial environment and regulatory changes. Recognizing the imperative to enhance their risk management capabilities, the credit union sought a comprehensive training program to upskill its workforce and embed a robust risk management culture within the organization.


Rhics crafted a bespoke training program designed to address JPCCUL’s specific needs and challenges in risk management. The comprehensive solution comprised the following key elements:

Risk Identification and Assessment Workshops

 Rhics facilitated interactive workshops to train JPCCUL staff in identifying and assessing various risks inherent in financial operations. The sessions covered emerging risks, compliance considerations, and methodologies for evaluating potential impacts.

Regulatory Compliance Training

Recognizing the importance of compliance in risk management, Rhics conducted tailored sessions to familiarize JPCCUL staff with relevant financial regulations and compliance standards. This ensured that the credit union’s risk management practices aligned seamlessly with industry guidelines.

Enterprise Risk Management Framework Implementation

Rhics assisted JPCCUL in implementing a robust Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework, tailored to the credit union’s specific operational context. This included developing risk registers, risk appetite statements, and key risk indicators to facilitate proactive risk monitoring.

Crisis Management Simulation Exercises

To enhance preparedness for unforeseen events, Rhics organized crisis management simulation exercises. These drills allowed JPCCUL staff to apply their newly acquired skills in a simulated real-world scenario, fostering a proactive and agile response to potential crises.

The Result

The collaboration between JPCCUL and Rhics produced tangible and positive outcomes:

Enhanced Risk Awareness

 JPCCUL staff developed a heightened awareness of various risks, fostering a risk-conscious culture within the organization.

Improved Compliance Practices

Through targeted training, JPCCUL staff gained a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements, ensuring the credit union’s operations were in full compliance with industry standards.

Effective Risk Mitigation Strategies

The implementation of an ERM framework empowered JPCCUL to identify, assess, and mitigate risks effectively, minimizing potential negative impacts on operations.

Crisis Resilience

The crisis management simulation exercises equipped JPCCUL staff with the skills and confidence to respond proactively to unexpected challenges, enhancing the credit union’s overall resilience.


The partnership between JPCCUL and Rhics exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic training in risk management. By investing in the professional development of its workforce, JPCCUL has fortified its position as a reliable and resilient financial institution in Jamaica.

This case study serves as a testament to the strategic value of collaboration between financial institutions and management consultancy companies in navigating the complexities of modern risk management.


Wray Palmer

The information was very insightful. scenarios were very real and relevant to today’s business operating environment. I intend to use the knowledge to improve IT and Operational Risk Management across my organisation