Sherry Mc Millan
Cathedral Credit Union

Thanks for a great session!

Maidlyn Thornhill
Family Co-op Credit Union Limited

Thank you very much for sharing your heart on this subject. We needed to know all you shared.

Trudy Layne
Barbados Teachers' Co-operative Credit Union

Thank you it was very informative it brought great value to me the whole session

Keith Matthews
Hand Arnold Credit Union

I particularly liked the idea of not investing in brick-and-mortar structures but in digital platforms

Camille Taylor-Francois
Insurance Industry Credit Union

Great Session Today Thank you! One Thing: We must disseminate value on Social Media!

Michelle Husbands
BWU Co-operative Credit Union

Excellent session, and very informative.

Marina Pierre
Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies

Very informative re: focus on providing products & services for younger persons being included in co-operatives to ensure succession & continuity. a well-appreciated session.

Sandra Hucey
Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union

Customization of products and services based on members’ demographics is extremely important

Cindy James
Jannou Credit Union

Thank you!!!! It was very insightful

Louis Charles
Mt Pleasant Credit Union

The examples used were useful and eye-opening. I plan to review what our systems have now and make training a yearly event for this topic.

Nyasha Browne
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority

It was very detailed and has caused me to think of ways our entity can improve our cyber resilience mechanisms, the aim of the programme was explained at the beginning and reinforced throughout the presentation