Tersus Limited

Tersus Limited, a prominent construction company in Nigeria, West Africa, embarked on a quest to redefine its digital presence and expand its reach. With challenges encompassing branding, digital strategy, web design, online advertising, IT support, and e-commerce management, they enlisted the expertise of Rhics, a digital consultancy firm, to pave the path for their digital transformation.

The Challenges:

Brand Visibility

Tersus struggled to establish a distinct brand presence in the competitive construction industry.

Outdated Online Presence

Their website lacked modern aesthetics and functionality, failing to effectively showcase their projects and capabilities.

Digital Strategy

Tersus needed a comprehensive digital strategy to enhance their online visibility and engage with potential clients.

Marketing Collaterals:

The absence of effective brochures and flyers hindered their offline marketing efforts.

IT Support & Advisory

They required expert IT support and advisory services to navigate technology challenges.

Online Advertising

To extend their reach, Tersus sought assistance in social media advertising campaigns.

Website Management

Managing their project portfolio and client interactions had become a complex task.

The Services Offered

Rhics provided Tersus Limited with an array of services to address their multifaceted challenges:

Branding & Marketing Collaterals

Rhics crafted compelling brochures, flyers, and marketing collateral designs to bolster Tersus’ offline marketing endeavors.

Digital Strategy

A tailored digital strategy was devised to increase online visibility, engage potential clients, and amplify brand recognition.

Web Design

Tersus’ website underwent a complete transformation, becoming a modern and functional showcase for their projects and capabilities.

Web & Email Hosting

Reliable web and email hosting services were established to ensure a seamless online presence.

IT Support & Advisory

Expert IT support and advisory services were provided to tackle technology challenges effectively

Social Media Advertising

Targeted social media advertising campaigns were launched to expand Tersus’ reach and connect with potential clients.

Website Management

A streamlined e-commerce system was implemented to simplify project portfolio management and client interactions.

Some of the visual works we did

The Result

The results of this comprehensive digital transformation were truly remarkable

Branding & Marketing Collaterals

Tersus’ offline marketing efforts were revitalized with compelling brochures, flyers, and marketing materials.

Digital Strategy

 Tersus experienced increased online visibility, engagement with potential clients, and amplified brand recognition

Web Design

The revamped website became a dynamic showcase of their projects and capabilities, leading to improved client interaction.

Website Management

 Efficient project portfolio management and client interactions became a reality, streamlining Tersus’ operations.

IT Support & Advisory

Technology challenges were effectively addressed, ensuring seamless business operations.

Social Media Advertising

 Tersus expanded its reach and connected with potential clients through targeted social media advertising campaigns

Tersus Limited emerged from this transformative journey as a formidable force in the construction industry, their digital presence now a testament to their expertise and commitment.

Explore the transformation at TersusLimited.com and witness the evolution of excellence in construction.