The Credit Union Innovation Framework

Creating a Digital Credit Union for members of the Future

Today, the average credit union member is always connected with technology – emails, social media, what’s app, search engines, mobile apps, websites, smart watches and wearables etc.

“Credit unions must innovate on the same digital platforms utilised daily by their members to create and deliver more value to them.”

Credit unions must move away from simply offering the traditional loans and savings products, leverage on emerging technology or face being disrupted by new players offering dynamic value proposition powered by technology and platform business models.

Learning Outcome

Participants will gain first-rate taught and practical experiences from industry leading trainers through lectures, workshops, DIY sessions & real-time case studies.

Specifically, participants will gain knowledge on 4 key aspects:

  • Understanding Emerging Technologies and how to apply these towards member value creation for your credit union;
  • Making a business case for the adoption of technology towards member excitement
  • Creating a blue print and product development roadmap for your credit union innovation / digital transformation journey
  • Strategies to target younger demographics via innovative platforms

Who Should Attend

The course is suitable for Credit Union stakeholders from board of directors to C-Suite executives to senior managers, managing directors, heads of departments, frontline staff, customer service teams, HR departments, compliance teams, entrepreneurs, and business leaders wanting to gain strategic insight and knowledge to create new ventures within the financial services that are powered by technology.

This programme is ideal and essential for any Credit Union that wants to safeguard its future, attract new and younger demographics whilst exciting and creating value for its core members.

Credit Unions, banks & financial services, companies in the private sector, entrepreneurs, business owners, SMEs, non-IT professionals, universities, charities, government agencies, and public sector organizations are all encouraged to attend.

“The programme is structured to empower participants with the relevant skills via taught lectures, practical workshops and real-world case studies.”

The Syllabus


Introduction to Emerging Technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services
  • Open Banking
  • Compliance & Regulatory Technology
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
  • FinTech platforms
    • Payment platforms
    • Investment platforms
    • Marketplaces

Making a Business Case for Credit Union Innovation

  • Understanding the modern, hyperconnected credit union member
  • A look at the competitors
  • Designing a Digital Credit Union


FinTech Platform Innovation Roadmap for Credit Unions

  • How and Where to start
  • Choosing a core banking vendor
  • Value-Added Non-Financial services

The Demographics Problem

  • How to attract and retain the next generation of Credit Union members
  • Creating effective Social Media Strategies
  • Education and Human Capital Development

Artificial Intelligence, Privacy & Compliance

  • AI Supercharging Regulatory compliance
  • Privacy and ethical issues affecting AI.

Practical Workshop

  • Create a bespoke digital implementation roadmap for your credit union

Return on Investment

  • Improved Reputation

    Good digital strategies can enhance the visibility of your business, promote customer trust, enhance the reputation of a business and open up new commercial opportunities.

  • Improved Competitive Advantage

    Gain competitive advantage by planning ahead for all possible scenarios to ensure your business can operate sustainably in these uncertain and volatile times.

  • Reduced costs

    Businesses can save money by adopting an efficient digital strategy – plan, implement and review rather than a more expensive “reactive” approach in the aftermath of competitor activities.

Digital Transformation Case Studies

Guyana Public Service Credit Union (GPSCCU)

Prior to 2017, GPSCCU never actively utilised technology or digital platforms.

As a result, they had some challenges; the same challenges faced by many credit unions today. These include: ageing membership, low number of active members, long loans processing times, defaults in payments, limited branches & geographical restrictions, poor customer services, environmentally unfriendly “paper-based” modes of operation, difficulty in managing savings & loans accounts in real-time, just to name a few. 

We realised that almost all of the above could be addressed by incorporating effective digital Strategies and technology platforms towards value creation.

Today, GPSCCU has a digital presence with over 11,000 followers on social media where they actively service their members. They also now have an effective website.

Watch the video and visit for more.

Feedback & Testimonials from Participants

Course Details

Dates & Times:

Tuesday 4th & Tuesday 11th April, 2023

12noon – 5pm EST

Course Fees:

$495 USD per person (early bird)

($695 standard price)

Offer valid until the 20th of March 2023

Register for Training:

Contact Info:


Phone: Whats App: +44 7759 301221

About The Faculty

Christian Junior

Mr. Christian Junior is an award-winning international speaker and trainer who is passionate about human capital development and value creation through technology. He is the Founder & CEO of RHICS, an international Digital Agency headquartered in London, UK. He has over 10 years of practical experience in the Information & Communication Technology industry.

Christian, a double Oxford university certified Digital Marketing & Fintech strategist has consulted for multiple international clientele on various IT projects.

A firm believer in knowledge & skills transfer, Christian, travels around the world educating business leaders on cost-effective IT strategies for achieving excellent customer service, brand awareness, maximum productivity, and profitability. He has trained and influenced over 1,000 business owners across 10 countries in Europe, Africa & The Caribbean.

Christian has led conversations on Credit Union value creation through technology at The World Council of Credit Union & The Caribbean Confederation of Credit Union Conventions.

He was recently featured in the Financial Times 2019 list of UK’s 100 most influential Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) leaders in tech.

About The Organisers

Rhics Technology

Rhics is a creative digital agency headquartered in London, UK with branches across 4 continents. We specialize in Digital Strategy, IT Consultancy, Cyber Risk Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Mobile & Web Application Development, Design & Branding.

We have a proven history of creating online success for global organizations via our suite of services offerings. We help define your goals, create effective strategies, build easy-to-use applications, and design award-winning systems that communicate the desired message.

Our process unites talent & passion with discipline.

We are committed to providing affordable Digital Transformation education to the world.